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How to send branded SMS to Ghanaian numbers

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Have you ever received an SMS from a company name rather than a phone number? You probably rushed to open it because you were curious to know about it. You just received a branded SMS!

Branded SMS is the preferred choice for Businesses and Institutions. As fraudulent text messages keep increasing, people tend to trust SMS with business names more. This is not only limited to big companies. You might want to send a broadcast to a list of your customers, announce a promotion or just thank your contacts for supporting your event. Opting for Branded SMS will not only make the message appear reliable but also increase reachability.

To send Branded SMS in Ghana, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an account at sms-portal.draytechits.com
  • Make sure you have enough credits in your account to send a message
  • Click on Messages
  • Click on New Message/New Message from Contact file
  • Enter Sender ID (This should be less than 10 characters)
  • Upload contact file or Enter recipient’s phone number, separate with commas for multiple numbers.
  • Enter Message
  • Click Send Message

Your SMS will be delivered instantly. You’ll also receive sending and delivery reports of your messages. Branded SMS will help you create awareness about your business whether big or small. Ghanaians can count on the DrayTech SMS gateway to fulfill their branded SMS needs

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